Payment Processing

Crypto or Credit Card

POD Tech's platform can provide you the resources to selling you digital colletibles with credit card or crypto wallet. This optionality allows for a broader base of collectors for your work.

Credit Card

Crypto Wallet

Coinbase Payments

What it means for

WEB3 and Digital Collectible Projects

POD Tech is able to optimize for on demand production of stuff that's also unique and verifiable scarce by focusing solely on web3 projects. When orders come into our platform, we immediately engage with the blockchain so they cannot be duplicated or created again without detection from other producers

Pay with crypto or dollars

We work with creators to ensure their collectors can pay with both credit card and crypto wallets

Metadata Updated in Real Time

With our patented tech, we ensure that metadata is updated within seconds of collector orders.

Order Dashboards

We provide cutting edge, beautful data dashboard for creators to keep a pulse on physical order demand.

Start a project with POD

POD Tech works with web3 projects small and large - new and old. Contact us today and plug in POD Tech resources into your project.